ESPGaluda II Lite

ESPGaluda II Lite 2.1.4

The modern, bullet hell 2D shooter arrives on iPhone


  • Really pushes the iPhone!
  • Detailed and busy graphics
  • Great controls


  • Only one level and it's too easy


ESPGaluda II Lite is a free 2D shooter, that puts you in control of a girl with incredible ESP (Extra sensory perception) powers, against hordes of enemies. The gameplay is described as "bullet hell" because the screen gets filled with bullets that players have to find a path through to survive.

ESPGaluda II Lite is a bit unusual, as it's not set in Space, and you control a girl, not a spacecraft. Space Invaders may be turning in its grave, but this is an example of exactly how a shoot 'em up should be made for touchscreen devices like the iPhone.

While there's only one level in this version, ESPGaluda II Lite really shows off the iPhone's power with highly detailed graphics and a screen filled with action. No corners seem to have been cut here, it's a fully blown hardcore shooter that will satisfy fans.

The problem with ESPGaluda II Lite is mainly that as well as only having one level, you can only play in Novice mode, which is too easy. It looks great while you're playing it, but doesn't offer enough challenge.

ESPGaluda II Lite is a genuine hardcore shooter that will appeal to fans of the genre and has graphics that will impress everyone

ESPGaluda II Lite


ESPGaluda II Lite 2.1.4

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